Verizon Bad Credit

In our current and likely, at least for some time, future economic climate, getting any cell phones- bad credit or non existent credit, with a contractual cell phone plan is likely to be very difficult, unattainable, or extremely expensive for the vast majority of people who have anything but a perfect credit score or history. Having said this however, there are ways in which individuals who desire to be part of a more major national network like Verizon- bad credit individuals too, can do so. This is for those who wish to have access to the more expensive and top-tier phones and services while still having some form of a bad credit history.

Verizon is the nation’s largest cell phone service provider, and as such, they command quite a hefty price due to the fact that they have the widest coverage and therefore tend to have the most stable wireless connections and abundant features. The Long and short of it, is that essentially for an individual to get verizon cell phones (bad credit included) and service, being the major cell phone carrier and service provider that they are, you often have to pay a fairly hefty deposit upfront. This is used essentially as collateral against your nonexistent or bad credit history.

For those of you who have some level of credit history-even if imperfect or a mid-level credit score of 400 to 600, Verizon bad credit plans tend to require a deposit fee or payment of about $400, though this can vary from person to person and also from plan to plan depending on what the potential customer wants and terms of service. Verizon has also recently added support for those with extremely bad credit in the form of deposits going all the way up to 1000$ in some cases, while expensive-this can be particularly good for those who do well for themselves but simply have a poor credit history due to unfortunate or uncontrollable financial circumstances.

Verizon financing, isn’t all that different to work with than most of their major competitors financing options, the only major difference beyond pricing, is they won’t refund you any of your deposit money should it come to that at some point before a full year is up. Verizon requires that you pay all of your monthly expenses and payments on time and each month for a full year, so as to build a credit history with them essentially. After this period of time should you do whats required, they will refund whatever deposit you made the year prior. Also, be sure to keep in mind this deposit is independent of whatever model phone you choose to go with.

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