Cell Phone Plans for People with Bad Credit

Modern cell phone contracts are really expensive and tend to be off putting to the vast amount of customers out there who might want to get a cell phone. This is particularly the case for those who want to get a more sophisticated cell phone which has a variety of different services and functions like texting, advanced voice mail and voice-activated features, web browsing, GPS, gaming and much more. However due to current economic times, many people are unable to be qualified for service in many are finding that there are not many cell phone plans for people with bad credit.

One of the ways around this problem, and by far the most common, is to go to some sort of pre-paid cell phone plan. Prepaid cell phone plans are fantastic because they not only allow you to put down initially how many minutes you really are going to need, but it also allows you to not go over as you would in a traditional cell phone service contract and thus incur penalties. This does have its own drawbacks however, because some people in an emergency may need to go over their minutes, and if this is the case for you than this type of noncontractual cell phone service might not be appropriate for you.

Another option is to go with a pay-as-you-go format, this may sound similar to a prepaid cell phone plan, but the principal difference is that you can use as many minutes as you want and you simply pay at that moment in time or after your call is finished. You also have a third option as well, you can go with some sort of flat rate monthly plan that does not require a contract but does require that you either supply and use a supported cell phone or purchase a cell phone from them at full price and then simply sign-up and pay for your first month and then you can quit service it anytime you like.

Many of the major service providers are starting to provide this option in light of the recent economic times, one of the best companies to go with this kind of plan is T-Mobile as they have a variety of different monthly rate plans that are as low as $30-$40 per month and that don’t require a contract as well. Be sure to do plenty of comparison-shopping and review reading before making any final purchases so that you can get the best bargain for your dollar.

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