Android Phone Bad Credit

Getting a decent phone like the droid or android phone can be a real hassle when companies and service providers these days are extremely stingy about who they offer their contracts to and who they don’t. Unfortunately, in today’s current economic crisis, most people cannot pass the credit checks and similar safeguards companies use to protect themselves and make sure they get customers who they feel will pay their bills on time and for the allotted contract period. The good thing about getting an android phone bad credit plan, is the fact that it can actually be done due to the fact that there are multiple service providers for this particular type of phone  unlike the ubiquitous iPhone.

Generally, the best way to get a bad credit android phone is to go with the service provider whose the most lenient on people who have very poor credit, no credit, or bad credit. The most expensive and difficult service provider to get any sort of service or contract from his AT&T, this is one of the sole reasons why there’s so many unhappy iPhone customers and potential iPhone customers, due to the fact that so many had to go through so much trouble to get their contractor service, while others simply were unable to end us couldn’t use the phone they either purchased already or were about to purchase. AT&T tends to have the highest initial deposit costs usually ranging from around $250 all the way up to $750 or more. Provided you make regular and on-time payments, generally after about a year’s time or about 13 months, you can get your initial deposit back and you will have also built up a solid credit history with the company and will have a much easier time getting phone service from them in the future.

Verizon wireless is the other large cell phone provider or carrier that also supports the android phone, the two also have pretty high initial deposit prices usually starting around $100 all the way up to $400 or more, and like AT&T, once you have faithfully paid your bills for about a years time you’ll get your deposit back and will built up a solid credit history with the company. Keep in mind that these are merely credit checks and that simply the act of having them check your credit score will not affect your actual scores, even if it’s done by multiple service providers so feel free to shop around.

I generally advised not messing with Sprint/Nextel, especially for android phone plans, due to the fact that they have a history of having extremely stringent policies and the kind of corporate inflexibility combined with very high initial deposits. Once approved you often get stuck in their ASL program which tends to be very affordable but doesn’t allow you to do very much with the phone which is kind of backwards to owning a smart phone to begin with. The best bet for people who are looking to get an android phone with bad credit is to go with T-Mobile.

Not only does T-Mobile have an international network and subscriber base but they tend to have the most flexible and affordable options for people who simply don’t want to sign up for a contract but still be able to use their phones. T-Mobile offers what they call flexpay, and there are essentially two different levels of flexpay. The first level is essentially a traditional contract but allows you to get a discounted price on the phone provided you meet there much more reasonable credit requirements, which again are much more friendly. The other option, and by far the most common for people who are in a really bad credit situation, is to go with their other flexpay option which is essentially a no contract month-to-month plan but requires that you purchase the phone in full either from them or from somewhere else. They have a variety of different plans which have different packages that include different options like texting and  internet access for example, that will probably be relevant to someone who’s looking to get a smart phone like the android.

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